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Are you perpetually busy?

Are you perpetually busy?


Wojciech Klonowski

Do you want to free up some of your time to spend it on things you’re currently missing out on?
Don’t want to delegate tasks because you know you’ll end up having to correct the work anyway?

All signs point to the fact that effective task delegation could solve your problem in this situation.
But how do you do it?
Below are some principles I stick to and some mistakes I sometimes make.

  1. Assign a specific person to complete the task
    -> if you write to a group that “this needs to be done,” guess who will end up doing it. You.
  2. Describe in detail, preferably in bullet points, what needs to be done or what state needs to be achieved.
    Example – if you want someone to take care of the logistics of a trip for you: 
  3. a) book a 9-seater bus for the XYZ project team
  • first check offers from our regular partner, tel. 123456789, then use external companies,
  • budget for one day’s rental is X PLN, 
  1. b) book accommodation for the technical team
  • maximum 20 minutes drive from the workplace,
  • separate rooms for each person,
  • budget per person per day is Y PLN,
  • the hotel must have at least a 7.5 rating on (do not book anything worse),
  • breakfast must be available no later than 7 am, 
  1. c) send the information to the technical team
  • Marcin, tel. 999222333 is the manager – pass on the accommodation location, car pickup point, fuel card. Make sure he knows that the car must be returned clean and with a full tank. In case of a breakdown, he should call Marysia 777222333
  • Make sure Marcin has briefed the team on the departure time and place – have him send you a text once it’s done and everyone has confirmed they know when and where to be. If he doesn’t confirm, call him and ask him to sort it out until it’s done.
  1. Set a deadline
    At the end, add by when the task needs to be completed and how you want to receive confirmation that it has been done, example: 
  • Logistics need to be ready by Friday at 12:00. By this deadline, please send to my email:
  • invoices for the hotel and car,
  • confirmation that Marcin is aware of the details and has briefed the team.
  1. Make sure the person you’re delegating the task to understands it and has taken note of it.
    Example: After reading the email, please write to me what you have to do and by when.

You can also ask about a detail that was in the tasks, e.g., what was the budget for one person’s accommodation. This way, you ensure that the person has thoroughly read the entire instruction, not just glanced over it.

Having processes, procedures, and instructions in place within the company aids in effective delegation. You can find a post on this topic here. CLICK

Final tip – if you want to be absolutely sure that the event task will be done well – it’s best to entrust it to us, i.e., BWS Event Support. For years, we’ve been sending technical teams to set up, support, and dismantle events of all kinds. We make sure that the team is well-prepared, insured, has all the necessary agreements signed, has a place to sleep, knows how to get there. And most importantly – we issue just one invoice for it all. Check us out!