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Join #TEAMBWS and work on the biggest events in Europe.

Conveniently sign up through the app for assignments that interest you. Take advantage of numerous bonus systems – the more you work, the more you earn!

Take part in regularly organized training courses and develop under the guidance of experienced technicians. In every more numerous team there is a Crew Chief – this is our internal management person, who will give you hints and advice if you need it.

The black/gray area at BWS Event Support does not exist. All of our team is employed on a contract basis, and proper contributions and taxes are paid on every hour of work. Everything is transparent!

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So, what does it look like to work with BWS?

#TeamBWS is not for everyone.

If you are hardworking, responsible, not afraid of challenges – you are welcome.

  • Membership – BWS is first and foremost a close-knit team that is open to all those who share similar values.
  • Opportunity for real development – we conduct internal training and workshops to improve the skills of those who want to know better the event business and earn more money.
  • Clear and fair terms of cooperation – we place great emphasis on a clear system of requirements and remuneration, so you know where you stand and are sure of your money.

What will your tasks be?

The work can be very diverse.

You can start in truck handling and end up securing the site. (Fencing, barriers, cable protection, etc.).

Every job is different.

Sometimes we will need help with the installation of lighting, LED screens, stage construction, scenery or sound.

However, we do every task entrusted to us 100%.

BWS is all about the high quality of services offered. Working here, you are part of the company.

We are currently recruiting:

In Cracow and Warsaw:

  • Newcomers who want to start their adventure in the event industry
  • Stagehands

All over Poland:

  • Technicians of light, multimedia, construction, rigging
  • Forklift and telehandler operators

Use the application and flexibly choose your assignments.

We offer a wide range of positions you can fill. Browse the available ones and sign up with one click! Don’t forget to join our Facebook group!!

We cover events all over the country.

We are regulars at venues such as, for example, Tauron Arena in Krakow and Spodek in Katowice!

We work locally in Krakow and Warsaw, offsite throughout Poland.

1. Register in our browser application and verify your account.

2. Browse the available assignments.

3. Sign up for the ones that suit you.

What will your assignments be?

BWS is all about getting the job done right. When you work for BWS, you represent the whole team and can count on its support.

You will find more information when you register for Sinch. You’ll find the link at the bottom of the page. (Registration takes less than a minute)

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Join us and become a true master of the event craft.

Our database of event workers consists of more than 1,000 people! Join the community of professional stage technicians,
With a convenient browser application, you can sign up for assignments where and when you want.

What shape is #teamBWS in?

There are more than 100 technicians (light/multimedia/construction/rigging), 300 stagehands, 50 forklift and telehandler operators in our community.

Get a personalized offer for your event!

We invite you for a short meeting, choose the date that is best for you!