Event technicians and stagehands for productions


We provide technical crews for events throughout Poland and Europe. We have technicians, stagehands, machine operators, event managers.

When might BWS services be of use to you?

  • Have a BIG realization and need to supplement your team
  • You are conducting a lot of small realizations and need more independent teams
  • Need an event manager to handle local issues for you
  • You don’t want to waste time on paperwork related to finding and hiring people

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Our crew can be:

  • A complement to your technical team
  • Your independent technical crew (we will assemble/operate/dismantle the production ourselves)
  • Support of your production office – local event manager

We can support you locally in Krakow and Warsaw, on the go throughout Poland and Europe. At the head of each team is our Crew Chief – a person to whom you can delegate all tasks and gain additional time.

Who do we have at our disposal?

We will select the team in such a way that it will perfectly fulfill the specified task.


We have over a hundred technicians (multimedia/lighting/rigging/construction).


We have over 300 actively working stagehand’s in our base.

Machine operators

We work with 50 operators of machines such as telehandler, forklift and scissor lift.

Event managers

With a network of local contacts, they will deliver and see to everything you need.

Working with us, you gain:

  • Peace of mind – we will relieve you of the issues of finding, hiring, responsibility, accounting for employees.
  • Budget – we have local teams in Krakow and Warsaw that you don’t have to feed, transport or overnight.
  • Satisfaction of your team – long working hours are a daily occurrence. You can ease the burden on yourself and your employees by augmenting your team with BWS members.
  • More time – need logistical help with implementation? No problem, our managers will arrange for you the necessary equipment, transportation, hotels and whatever comes up on your wish list.

Let’s talk about your project – write to us.


With hundreds of successful executions, we can strategically determine what facilities you will need.

  • Full control over the team – as many as 94.87% of the teams we send are our own, which means we hardly use subcontractors. We know who is working with us and what they can do.
  • 100% legal employment – we are aware of the problem of gray economy in our industry, and we take pride in the fact that everyone on our team is employed.
  • Accountability – if you work with us – you can count on us. We do not leave our partners with problems.
  • Team development – we organize proprietary technical training for our stagehands and technicians.
  • Management system for the 21st century – we use onsinch.com software, so you can check the composition of your team, order history and invoices in real time.

Let’s talk about your project – write to us.


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Why are we doing this?


BWS was born, among other things, out of frustration with the realities of the industry.

Zero skills, no contracts and no health nor safety. Huge staff turnover, money paid out of a backpack after an event. No real value to the customer.

In creating BWS, we wanted to build something sustainable.
A company that employees can identify with and be proud to work for.
A company that offers real opportunities for growth and stability.
A company that is a real support for customers.
A company that you can count on anytime, anywhere.
And that is exactly what we are doing.

We are building a community of professional stage technicians.

We’re bragging! 🙂
Some numbers from 2023.

We grow stronger every year!



+ 600 people

in our system!


Hours of work done!

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