Smarter Crews, Brighter Futures: Our 2024 Vision - BWS


Smarter Crews, Brighter Futures: Our 2024 Vision

Smarter Crews, Brighter Futures: Our 2024 Vision


Wojciech Klonowski

Imagine a company that’s constantly learning and adapting, much like a keen student always eager to improve. That’s us, always on the lookout for new knowledge and skills to enhance our work.
This approach has quietly led to some significant changes in preparation for the 2024 season. Our goal? To elevate the way we organize and manage our teams to new heights.

The final step is to exhibit at the Prolight&sound in Frankfurt, but more information about that is at the bottom of this newsletter.

We have expanded our fleet of cars – we now have 3 vans and 4 passenger cars – all new or nearly new, so the risk of breakdowns is minimized.

In Krakow, you can now visit us at 3 Stoczniowców Street in our new office. Thanks to the move, we have more storage for event gear, a solid training room, open-space and a kitchen with a modern microwave. We like the thrills, and we are not afraid of radiation (although some people leave the room as the thing heats up).

In Warsaw, we’ve also moved to a larger location, where we have much more room for training, so everyone knows what a case is and how to strap down. So little, and so much, right?

Expanded training program:
To increase the quality of our crew, we have invited experienced production engineers and technicians to join us for training.
While last year our trainings were general – about everything, now we have added specialized ones to the general ones. People from outside BWS can also take part in them. It’s a nice feeling – to know that we are raising the skill level of the entire industry, not just one company.

Steep number of hours worked in Q1:
By mid-March 2024 (2.5 months), our teams had already worked for 18 977 hours, or 1 581 – 12-hour days or 1 897 10-hour days.
Or it’s as if 31 people have worked for us every day since January 1, 8 hours a day, day in and day out.

We want more:
That’s why you’ll find us at Prolight&Sound in Frankfurt from March 19 to 23!
Come and visit us at booth number C87, hall number 12.

You will be able to drink Bardzo Wielka Siła (Very Great Power) and talk about everything your soul desires.

See you there!