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How do we train our crew?

How do we train our crew?


Bartek Stańko

In the event industry, the success of every event, whether it’s a concert or a trade show, relies on a well-coordinated team working behind the scenes. These professionals, who effortlessly navigate through the maze of cables, lights, and sound, are often the result of extensive training and experience. At BWS Event Support, we take pride in our highly skilled and trained crew, who have undergone various training programs to enhance their expertise in event management and production.

Since January of this year, BWS Event Support has organized 64 training sessions, totaling an impressive 183.5 hours of training. These were not just any training sessions! They covered everything from the basics of event management to advanced rigging and LED screen programming. In 2023 alone, BWS Event Support has provided a solid foundation of knowledge, and there are still two months left for more training.

BWS Event Support have four types of technical training:

  • LVL 1: This is an entry-level training that covers occupational health and safety principles, basic elements and terminology, as well as assembly and disassembly of various structures.
  • LVL 2: This training is a higher level of initiation, where participants learn about the installation, addressing, and dismantling of lights and LED walls, as well as the operation of hoists and reading technical drawings. After completing this training, participants can take on more advanced tasks in the industry.
  • Grounder: This specialized training is designed for those who want to make their mark on German events. Participants gain knowledge about equipment, truss hanging, and hoist operation.
  • Rigging: This training is for those who want to acquire skills related to hanging points, working with ropes, and operating hoists.

BWS Event Support’s training is not just theory. It provides practical experience that has already yielded results. For example, their team set a record during the load out of the stage at the “Girl in Red” event in Warsaw, where the entire operation took only 1.5 hours. This is proof that a well-trained crew is an absolute game-changer.Some of the training sessions include a proprietary exam to test participants’ knowledge.

So far, 186 people have taken the test, with a pass rate of 89.58%. This means that over 160 people are using their acquired knowledge in practice. Most of the participants are still hungry for knowledge and want to continue their development. In addition to the opportunity to take on more advanced jobs, they can participate in specialized training sessions that require previously acquired knowledge.

The entire training system implemented by BWS Event Support is based on gradual development, ensuring that everyone has the chance to gain experience and new skills, regardless of their level of expertise. So, if you’re looking for a team of real event stage masters, test BWS Event Support.

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Bartek Stańko
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