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Ever been surprised by how the youngest generations at work (born 2005 and now 18!) sometimes do things… differently?
Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Every generation is unique, and every generation thinks the same about the newest one!

As experts in working with young people (we have hundreds of young stagehands in our crew), we’ve got 3 universal rules to make things easier:

1. Be Clear and Precise:

Don’t just say “we have a load in tomorrow.” It risks someone leaving work because you didn’t specify the time, and they had time until 2 PM. Instead, say “Tomorrow we’re setting up ground support. Loading in the warehouse from 8 to 10, then moving to the city center and setting up from 12 to 16. Bring sturdy shoes and a jacket, it might rain. Assembly might take longer, be ready for overtime.” Clear instructions = no surprises.

2. Listen and Engage:

Treat them equally, don’t let them feel like a “pawn”. Listen to their ideas and implement the sensible ones – it gives them a sense of agency.

3. Talk About Problems:

Your effectiveness is directly proportional to the number of uncomfortable conversations you have. So, don’t shy away from discussing problems. If something’s not right, ask what’s going on. If a worker didn’t do their job well, tell them what to improve, ask what they’re struggling with.

P.S. Cut the chatter, less people, less problems. Want a smoother event? Reach out! Let’s make great things happen.

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